J.Edgar Hoover Memo Proves Army Recovered ‘Disc’ from UFO crash site?

I was watching a video documentary on YouTube UFOs Out Of The Blue and came across an interesting link for a declassified file. The document written July 10, 1947 by Clyde Tolson (Associate Director to the FBI) addressed to a Mr Ladd. It contains a rather eye opening handwritten note pertaining to ‘disks recovered’ by J Edgar Hoover. If genuine (which I believe this is) and not some sort of misinterpretation; Hoover admits that the Army recovered UFO’s or ‘Flying Disks’ and would not give the FBI access to the technology.

Mr. (name blacked out) also discussed this matter with Colonel L.R. Forney of MID (Military Intelligence Division). Colonel Forney indicated that it is his attitude that inasmuch as it has been established that the flying disks are not the result of any Army or Navy experiments, the matter is of interest to the FBI. He stated that he was of the opinion that the Bureau, if at all possible, should accede to General Schulgen’s request.

SWR:AJB (initialled here)


I would recommend that we advise the Army that the Bureau does not believe it should go into these investigations, it being noted that a great bulk of those alleged discs reported found have been pranks. It is not believed that the Bureau would accomplish anything by going into these investigations.

DML (Special Agent Ladd- signed below typed initials)

(Clyde Tolson)
(J. Edgar Hoover)

I would do it but before agreeing to it we must insist upon full access to discs recovered. For instance in the LA case the Army grabbed it & would not let us have it for cursory examination.

If the source material is genuine this is proof that the US Army recovered flying discs. This original document was written 2 days after the Roswell Incident. I’m not sure when Hoover annotated it, by judging what he’s saying flying disks are real.  Could the ‘LA Case’ be the famous ‘Battle of Los Angeles’ UFO incident in 1942? Here is the original document, on the FBI website.

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