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Salem UFO 1952

UFO Bulletin is an all new web resource concerning the phenomena. From UFOs to alien abduction cases we have you covered. Over the next couple of weeks this website should be completed with articles, videos, documents and pictures. Unlike some other UFO sites on the web I will be only posting information that I deem as genuine. My pursuit in the truth concerning this phenomenon is a serious one.

UFOs The Truth Is Out There

There is no doubt that our governments are keeping secrets from us. I will endeavour to expose those secrets through videos, pictures and testimonies on this website. I would like to say that all I want to do is present this evidence and let you come to your own conclusions. Since I was a child I’ve been watching the skies and searching the web for evidence of extra-terrestrials. Some day I hope our government can give us full disclosure on these unidentified flying objects.


What are these mysterious objects in our skies? Are they secret military technology or actual extra-terrestrial spacecraft?
Many sightings today are either hoaxes, misidentified aircraft, weather anomalies or natural occurrences.
Around 90% of all sightings have a rational explanation however the other 10% remain unexplained.


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