About UFO Bulletin

spookyI reside in England with my wonderful wife and two children. Ever since I was a young boy I have been fascinated by astronomy, space travel and military aircraft. I used to make models of planes, knew all of the statistics and names of various WW2 and modern day fighters. Many nights I looked up at the sky through my telescope and noted the constellations above my old farm house. Often, I observed natural phenomena like meteor showers and shooting stars. I always wondered what was out there beyond our planet in that infinite expanse of space.

My UFO Experience

On a summers night I could just not get to sleep, something in my mind kept me awake. We were moored on a river boat in the Midlands, England opposite an old church. There was nothing around us but woods and fields for miles apart from this old church. I was looking out of a window at the night sky, it was clear and I could see the stars clearly as well as a satellite. Out of the comer of my eye I noticed 3 luminescent oval discs of light high up in the atmosphere. They were of a yellowish colour and seemed to be hovering, banking from left to right and performing manoeuvres like no known aircraft.

It is as if they were dancing around each other. This seemed to go on for around 40 minutes. I remember itching to grab my disposable camera that was under my bed but I didn’t dare move so as not to miss anything. Sitting rigidly I was fixed there in awe watching these mysterious lights. All of a sudden the 3 UFOs stopped in the air and converged into one huge bright light and accelerated rapidly into the air. It was an amazing experience, one which I have never forgotten even though it was some odd 21 years ago.

What Are These UFOs?

To this day I still don’t know what the objects I saw were. Were they some sort of secret military aircraft? Were they of terrestrial origin? What else could have performed these manoeuvres I wonder? One thing is for sure is that these objects were operating with intelligence. There have been thousands of UFO sightings globally in recent years going back to even before the 1940s.
Many are just misidentified naturally occurring phenomena but there a UFO few sightings that are unexplained to this day. Is this evidence of visitation by extra-terrestrial entities or are these a result of classified military hardware? If these are beings from another planet what is there purpose and why are our governments keeping this from us?

UFOs are a real phenomenon and there are many witnesses from credible sources that testify to this. From reading declassified documents such as BLUEBOOK, GRUDGE and SIGN as well as documents from the CIA, FBI and the MOD it is clear that the military took great interest in these UFOs and studied them.

I would just like to say that UFOs whether alien in origin or not indeed exist and I would love to know their origin and purpose. This website will give you as much credible information as possible about the phenomenon.